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  • One of the things my sociology teacher said that stuck with me



    "They use celebrities and sports to distract you from the real problems." 


    I never thought of it that way. Regardless I follow neither celebrities nor sports.

    (via thevalidfallacy)

    “ But if we define terrorism as the use of violence against civilians for political objectives, then the US state is the world’s leading terrorist. The powers that be in global society and that control the global political discourse attach the label “terrorist” to violence that they do not approve of, and they attach the label of “freedom and democracy and security” to violence that they do approve of, or that they commit themselves. Moreover, increasingly “terrorism” is used to simply describe political dissent, so that legitimate social movements and political struggles against global capitalism become labeled as “terrorism” in order to justify their suppression. ”

    —    William I. Robinson, professor of sociology at UC Santa Barbara (via priceofliberty)

    (via empathicsociety)


    I visited the 9/11 memorial last year and was shocked that I had to PAY to get in and then HAD to walk through the gift shop to leave, I actually felt sick. People were murdered there, and now they’re selling fridge magnets.

    Let that all sink in.

    (Source: femalevillain, via aekwensi)



    Ever wondered how much water/caffeine/alcohol you’d need to drink to reach a lethal dose? This graphic shows the median lethal dose for all three!

    Read more detail about LD50 tests in the accompanying post: http://wp.me/p4aPLT-ol

    A huge problem with a lot of misinformed people and “hazardous chemicals” is that while on one hand, certain things can be lethal in large doses, but on the other hand, they are oftentimes harmless because we exposed to relatively small concentrations at a time.

    Believe it or not, water is a chemical! But wait! If it’s a chemical, it’s dangerous, right? Well, yes, and no. As illustrated above, consuming huge amounts of water can be harmful. However, most of us consume much less than 6 litres of water in one sitting, so it’s relatively quite harmless to us. 

    With every chemical (i.e. everything), we always need to think about how much of this substance/chemical/material/etc. we are being exposed to, and whether or not that specific concentration is harmful to us.

    #1 The heart is the very first organ to form in the human body.

    Therefore it’s older than the brain, perhaps even wiser, aye?! The arms and legs bud from the same tissue as the heart. Therefore is it not beautiful to think that we connect heart-to-heart through the touch of our hands and connect with the Earth through the ‘souls’ or pulse of our feet?

    It has been found that when two people touch (or are within a range of an estimated three-feet of one another), the heart wave of one can be seen in the brain wave of another. So when we reach out to someone, we’re literally, in a sense, reaching out with our hearts.

    —    Tanya Lee Markul, Save the Humans 101  (via her0inchic)

    (Source: venuschild, via her0inchic)

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